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Entree: Conchitas Parmesana

Free in our menu, normally repeats once

Delicate Baked Scallop with butter, lime and parmesan cheese.

Entree: Choritos a la Chalaca

Free in our menu, normally repeats once

Blanched mussels with typical peruvian onion, tomato, chilli and coriander ZARZA.

Entree: Ceviche

Free in our menu, normally repeats once

Cultural patrimony of Perú, where every single mand, woman or child has eaten or knows ceviche. Delicate fish cooked in lime juice and seasoned to blow your mind.

Main: Picante de Mariscos

Free in our menu

Delicate seafood in peruvian spicy cooked cream.

Main: Cabrito a la Norteña

Free in our menu

Tender cut of goat in northern peruvian Flavours including chilli and coriander.

Main: Ají de Gallina

Free in our menu

Delicious pulled chicken in a authentic peruvian chilli creamy sauce served with a potato slice.

Dessert: Leche Asada

Free in our menu

A delicate combination of milk types and whole eggs, baked to a precise point achieving a delicious crust and yummy core.

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