At Casa Perú we take to your table fresh authentic home made dishes of the best quality from start to end .
Enjoy the pleasure of trying the best Peruvian food on this side of the world, take a bite of Perú.

Marita is a perfectionist, from the ingredients, the technique, the respect of the original flavours, to the presentation.


This is not a commercial setup, churning tables is not us. This is about sharing our love of our Peruvian cuisine and making it yours to love too. The satisfaction comes from the delight our food brings to our guests. The experience is very personal, not commercial at all.


If you come to dine at our Casa, you find no crowd, no loud voices or loud music. We are there with you to share the anecdotes, the history, the techniques; there's lots of questions and answers around the table. It's an occassion to peer into the culture of a distant country with rich colourful history, well represented in the vast variety of its food.


Ideal for family, friends, business events.